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What qualification can I gain from this course?


Sociology is the scientific study of society. It is concerned with why society works in the way it does, and the extent to which our behaviour and opportunities can be shaped by our social class, age, gender, race or disability. The type of person who will enjoy this subject will be someone who is not afraid to have new ideas and who is prepared to work at a demanding pace.

In Year 13 you will gain an AS level while with continued study in Year 14 you will gain an A2 level qualification.

What is the content of this course?

AS 1


Unit 1: SCY1

Aquiring Culture

A2 1

Unit 3 - SCY3

Power and Control

AS 2

Unit 2 - SCY2

Understanding Society and Methods of sociological Enquiry

A2 2

Unit 4 - SCY4

Social Inequality and Applied Methods of Sociological Enquiry

How will I be assessed in this subject?

You will be assessed by written external examination.


Where can I find out additional information about this subject?

You should speak to the Sociology teachers and Year 13 and 14 pupils already studying Sociology. The following websites may also be useful: