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Information for Candidates

February 6, 2019


Information for Candidates

Information About You and How it is used


You have entered general or vocational qualifications such as GCSE, A-level, Level 2 or Level 3 courses. with one or more of the awarding bodies listed above.  In order to be able to provide examinations and assessments, the awarding body needs to collect and use information about you.  This is a summary of the information the awarding body is required by law to give you about what happens to that information.


Who we are


Each awarding body is a separate organisation. Your school or examination centre will be able to confirm to you which awarding body is delivering each qualification you are undertaking and you will receive a statement confirming what qualifications you have been entered for and the awarding body in question. 


Information about you and from where it is obtained


Each awarding body whose qualifications you enter will need to use a variety of information about you.  This includes identification details such as your name, address, date of birth and your school or examination centre. It also includes information about your gender, race and health, where appropriate.  This information is provided by you or your parents/guardians and/or by your school or examination centre. 


Each awarding body will create certain information about you such as a candidate number, examination results and certificates. 


What happens to the information about you?


The awarding bodies use the information about you to deliver the examinations and assessments which you have entered.  This includes making a variety of arrangements for you to sit the examinations or assessments, marking, providing you and your school or centre with results and certificates. 


The awarding bodies may share information about your results with official bodies such as the Department for Education, local authorities and the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).  Be aware that an awarding body may also use information about you to investigate cheating and other examination malpractice and will share information about malpractice with other awarding bodies. 


The awarding bodies take the security of the information about you that they hold very seriously.


How long is the information about you held?


Each awarding body retains information about you only for as long as it is needed.  Some of the information is needed only during the period in which you are undertaking the examination or assessment and is securely destroyed a short while afterwards.  Other information about you, such as your name, gender, address, qualification and subjects entered and the results, are held indefinitely and for at least 40 years.  Each awarding body has its own retention policy that sets out what information it retains, how it is retained and for how long.


How to find out more about the information about you that the awarding bodies use


To find out more about the information that the awarding bodies collect and use, including what happens to that information and about your rights in relation to information held about you, see the awarding bodies’ full Privacy Notice, which can be accessed through the links below or by contacting the awarding body directly: 









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