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Special Educational Needs

Entitlement and Inclusion

On 1st September 2005 a new initiative became law, the Special Education Needs Disability Order. This law means that children with a disability have an entitlement to be educated in mainstream schools.

In St Genevieve’s the concepts of entitlement and inclusion have been in existence much longer than this law. All our pupils have an entitlement to realise their potential with whatever support they may need. This support takes on a variety of forms depending on the needs of the individual pupil in balance with the needs of the others.

For any extra provision to be provided the needs of each pupil will be assessed using a variety of sources of information:

  • confidential interviews with parents at enrolment

  • an educational psychologist report given by permission of parents

  • results from testing pupils within school at Years 8, 11 and 13; in Years 11 and 13 this data is used to apply for examination concessions.

  • a request by parents to have an educational psychology assessment carried out either for academic or behavioural reasons.

  • pupil information on the register for peripatetic support.

  • information disclosed or concerns raised at parent teacher meetings.

Educational needs of pupils are met in the classroom in the following ways, depending on the needs of the child:

  • small class placement,

  • extra Literacy/ Numeracy support,

  • specialist peripatetic support on a one-to-one basis,

  • specialist behaviour support,

  • classroom assistance support,

  • physical, visual and auditory annual consultations for those pupils for whom school is aware of the need.

Entitlement to support during examinations is a provision that our pupils are afforded. This entitlement does not reflect ability but need. Identified needs may be addressed by: having an examination paper read to a pupil; extra time concessions up to 25% of the total examination; rest breaks; use of amanuensis. These entitlements are applied for using strict guidelines from the Joint Council for Examinations.