Trench House

87 Stewartstown Road


Co. Antrim

BT11 9JP


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We have two school restaurants Chimes and Cloisters; they are open at break time and lunchtime.

Lunchtime Arrangements

At lunchtime pupils eat their own lunches or have dinner or a snack in the restaurant or Assembly Hall. Weather permitting, pupils go outside after lunch.

Healthy Eating


We want to promote healthy eating throughout the school community. As part of this we are providing a broad menu of healthy eating dishes and snacks in the canteen.

We ask parents to engage with us in this campaign. You can help by encouraging your child to eat only healthy foods while they are in school.

Peanut Allergies

We have a number of pupils who suffer from a severe peanut allergy which is potentially fatal. It is essential that they do not come into contact with peanuts or any peanut related product. We ask you therefore to ensure that your child does not bring peanuts or any peanut related product into school at any time.

Free Dinners

Pupils who are eligible for free diners have a dinner card which they must collect each morning from their form teacher.

Menus & Prices

Pupils have responsibility for their own cards until lunch time. They must not allow them to be defaced or lend them to anyone else.


A card which is defaced or belongs to someone else will not be accepted at the till.