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Religious Education



A number of staff are involved in the teaching of Religion but the main staff would be as follows:


Miss Kelly

Mr McDonald (Head of Religion)

Mrs O’Hare

Mr Ward

School Oratory

It is the policy of the Religion Department in conjunction with the whole school policy that pupils in St Genevieve’s shall be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential, spiritually and morally in preparation for adult life. This development will take place in a school community where all members grow to value their own worth as persons, their loving relationship with God, their links with their families and the interdependence of all people. St Genevieve’s is a St Louis School which seeks to proclaim Catholic values within a caring community. 

Aims of Religion Department


  1. To stimulate pupil’s curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Religious Education.

  2. To become more aware of their own identity and worth of human beings created in the image of God.

  3. To develop an ethos within the school where the truths and practices of Catholic Faith is shared.

  4. To foster Catholic values through teaching and example.

  5. To deepen their relationship with God through prayer and worship.

  6. To help each pupil to become self-motivated, hardworking and self confident.

  7. To help each pupil develop an open, yet disciplined, inquiring mind.

  8. To develop a “parish identity” by liasing with local parishes.

  9. To respect and tolerate others of a different background.

  10. St Genevieve’s shares the mission of the Church to bring Christ to the world.



Chaplains are an integral part of the school community and a chaplain has been appointed for each year group. Chaplains are as follows:


Very Rev. Aidan Brankin.

Very Rev. Ciaran Feeney.

Sister Anne McCourt.

Very Rev Thomas McGlynn.

Very Rev. Rory Sheehan.

Teaching Hours


2 hours per week at KS3.

3 hours per week at KS4.

5 Hours per week at AS/A2.

1 hour per week KS5 non-exam religion.

All pupils are expected to complete one written homework per week.

Pupil Organisation

Pupils are banded into class groupings at KS3 and KS4. All pupils at KS5 take one hour of Religion. Pupils may also opt for AS or A2 Religion modules.


Junior school (KS3)


In the Junior years (8,9 and 10) Religious Education is combined with a programme of Personal Education- the two usually being taught to a particular class by the same teacher who’s also the form teacher for that class.


All junior classes are following the Fully Alive series endorsed by the Diocesan Advisors. The series delivers the full Catholic Syllabus and fulfils the demands of the core curriculum.


Senior School (KS4)


In the senior school (Years 11 and 12) most pupils follow the GCSE and OCN specifications in Religion. In Year 11 they have the opportunity to study aspects of Christian belief and practice through St Mark’s Gospel. In Year 12 pupils will examine Ethics.


Sixth Form


In sixth year, pupils can enter for AS or A2 level Religious Education, in addition to the normal Religious Education class, which is compulsory for all pupils.


Pupils follow the CCEA specification for AS and A2 and have the opportunity to study the following modules:

AS1: An Introduction to the Gospel of Luke.

AS7:  Religious Ethics.

A21: The Theology of the Gospel of Luke

A27: Ethics and Society.


Prayers and Assembly


Prayers are said each morning at the class registration or a year group assembly, conducted by the Principal or Head of House.