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Government and Politics is offered as an AS and A Level option. Through the study of this subject you will gain a clear understanding of domestic and international politics. You will acquire many useful transferable skills including the ability to research, source and examine information thoroughly, critically analyse evidence and construct coherent arguments in order to present your own point of view.


What qualification can I gain from this course?

In year 13 you will gain an AS while with continued study you will gain an A2 level in Year 14. Involvement in voluntary organisations, campaigning groups or student societies demonstrates that you are committed and determined to succeed in this subject.

What is the course content of this course?

AS 1

The Government and Politics of N. Ireland

A2 1

Comparative Government

AS 2

The Government and Politics of N. Ireland

A2 2

Political Power and Political Issues

Where can I find out additional information about this subject?

You should speak to Sociology teachers and Year 13 and 14 pupils already studying the subject. The following websites should be useful: