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Pastoral Care

Student care is a basic concern and interest in the personal well-being and development of all pupils and their adaptability to the academic curriculum offered by the school.

Pastoral Care 

The Pastoral System is based on year groups.  Continuity of pupil care is ensured by the Head Of Year moving up the school with their Year Group.

Form Teachers and Tutor Groups

Continuity is further enhanced in the junior school (Years 8-10) by Form Teachers also moving up the school with their Form Class.  In the senior school (Years 11 and 12) pupils are organised into Tutor Groups and are taken by their allocated Tutor for a programme of Personal Education each week.


Discipline is seen in terms of a positive, child-centred approach and classroom management reflects the policy of encouraging pupils to recognise the importance of developing self-discipline, self-respect, and a respect for others, the community and their environment.  Reinforcement in terms of a reward system is seen as a necessary complement to this approach.  Good discipline is fundamental to good teaching and learning and enables pupils to develop into responsible and mature adults.

Behaviour and Courtesy

To this end, a high standard of behaviour and courtesy is expected of all pupils in St Genevieve’s.  The establishment of good standards of behaviour is a whole-school matter - a corporate responsibility of staff in partnership with parents.  We believe that parents should be kept informed at all stages in the discipline procedure.


At any time in the school year the Head of Year may invite parents to the school to discuss their daughter’s progress.  Likewise parents are encouraged to contact the Head of Year at any stage in the school year.  Should any difficulty, which is not resolved by the Head of Year, present itself, the Assistant Vice Principal (Pastoral) may be approached.  An appointment may be made with the Principal after the above procedure has been exhausted.  Parents of new pupils are requested to sign an Enrolment Form guaranteeing that their daughter will abide by School rules and regulations.  At various intervals throughout the school year, the rules are brought to the attention of pupils during their Personal Education Programme.