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  • To give pupils opportunities to create personal meaning through composing,listening and performing activities and to enable them to express their own feelings through music

  • To develop the skills central to understanding and responding to music and develop an understanding of music from different periods,styles and traditions that are different from their own

  • To develop pupils awareness and understanding of the skills required to be successful within the music industry and the world of work.


  • Mrs S Savage( Head of Department)

  • Mrs J Mc Quillan

  • Mrs C Markey

The Music Department endeavours to develop all pupils’ musical ability. Through participation in listening,composing and performing, it is hoped to encourage all pupils to realise their potential in Music.

Key Stage 3

Units of work are delivered through listening,performing and composing and prepare pupils for the GCSE and ALEVEL courses provided by the department.

Year 8

Pulse/Rhythm.Pitch,Elements of Music,Musical patterns and Instruments of the Orchestra
All pupils learn to play tinwhistle and are encouraged to take instrumental lessons from CBSM

Year 9

Chords,Fanfares,The Blues Rock and Roll and Signature tunes
All pupils play keyboard and tin whistle and are encourage to take instrumental lessons from CBSM

Year 10

Film Music,Careers in Music,ICT in Music, Repeated patterns in Music and Irish Music
All pupils play keyboards and are encouraged to take instrumental lessons from CBSM



Examination Board CCEA

Pupils study a range of activities in;

  • Listening

  • Composing

  • Performing

Pupils take one core area of study;

  • Repeated Patterns

And two optional areas of study from a choice of three;

  • Music Traditions of Ireland

  • Incidental Music

  • Vocal Music

Performing and Appraising 35% EXTERNALLY ASSESSED

Pupils are to perform SOLO (15%) and ENSEMBLE (15%)
For a balanced programme of 5 mins each
Pupils are also required to discuss their performances with the visiting assessor.During the two year course each pupil will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform various pieces.

Listening and Appraising35% EXTERNALLY ASSESSED

Part 1 of the Aural paper is based on the core area and Part 2 on the two chosen optional areas of study.Both papers include questions on familiar and unfamiliar music.Each paper lasts 45 mins approximately.

Composing and Appraising 30% EXTERNALLY ASSESSED

Pupils compose Two contrasting pieces and write a composition log for each.Each piece should last 2-3 mins .

AS Music

Examination Board CCEA

This course builds on the foundation set at GCSE particularly in the areas of listening,composing and performing.

AS Unit 1

Unit 1 (64%)

Solo or Ensemble performance Grade 4 level
Multitracking task

Unit 2 (36%)

Aural and history (5 Set works and the Musical /Solo Piano)

A2 Music

Unit 1 (30%)

Solo/Ensemble performance Grade 6 level
Multi tracking task

Unit 2 (20%)

Aural (4 set works and the history of Jazz from 1930-1960)