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With eight dedicated rooms and eight dedicated staff filling seven full-time and one part-time post, the busy Maths department offers courses in GCSE mathematics, AS and A Level mathematics.

The GCSE courses follow both the CCEA and Edexcel specifications.

The A Level course follows the CCEA specification.

Our aims in the department include

  • raising the level of mathematical attainment of each pupil,

  • ensuring that pupils make progress in mathematics throughout their schooling,

  • enabling pupils to appreciate the usefulness of mathematics in everyday life and across the curriculum,

  • enabling as many pupils as possible to appreciate the beauty and elegance of mathematics.


Mathematics can also make a contribution towards the personal development of our pupils by promoting the following skills:

Working in a logical and systematic manner

This involves not only careful and accurate execution of routine tasks neatly presented, but also elements of appraisal and review as the task proceeds.

Working independently

Pupils will have developed mathematically when they are asking their own questions….why?…. how?….what if?….does the order matter?…….

Working co-operatively

The aim here is to emphasise the interactive nature of mathematics. Many areas, including statistical work and problem solving, are often better done in small groups.

Developing self-confidence

Mathematics can provide a challenge and a sense of achievement for all pupils. It can provide a sense of security amidst the uncertainties of everyday life. In how many other subjects is there always a correct answer?

Developing self-discipline

Mathematics encourages the self-discipline to work at an appropriate task, in some depth, over a period of time.


Mathematics has a vital role to play in its contribution to the school’s aims through the elements and skills listed above. However, our general objective is to provide a worthwhile and enjoyable programme of study and learning environment, so that after five or seven years at school, our pupils will leave not with negative feelings towards mathematics, but with an appreciation of its usefulness, its language and its beauty.