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Key Stage 4

The course of study offered to Years 11 and 12 (4th and 5th years) is delivered as six core subjects and four optional subjects. The curriculum offer is a mix of General and Applied Subjects that fully meets the requirements of the Entitlement Framework

Students are placed in one of three possible ‘Pathways’ based on their personal career plan and in consultation with their teachers and parents.

All pupils followed courses in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Religion and Learning for Life and Work.

Students in Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 were invited to select FOUR optional subjects from the following offer:

Art & Design

Applied ICT

Business Enterprise

Business Studies

Child Care

Child Development

Drama/Performing Arts

Digital Technology

English Literature



Health & Social Care



Home Economics


Moving Image Arts


Physical Education

Science (Single or Double Award)


Travel & Tourism

Word Processing

Students in Pathway 3 are offered an alternative curriculum offer in order to meet their learning needs, facilitate differentiation, and maximise their performance in accredited courses. Student placement in this pathway is determined by their initial choice of Occupational Hospitality or Occupational Caring as a core subject. Students were also afforded ten hours for their Applied ICT course. Students then select two optional subjects from the list above.

In addition to the above subjects, which were all accredited as GCSE, or Level 2 equivalent, all students are offered classes in Physical Education, Careers Education, and Personal Education.