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St Genevieve's High School is a Catholic Maintained School with a co-educational Sixth Form Consortium with La Salle Boys' School. It is a Day School catering for the 11-18 range.

The Sisters of St Louis opened the school on 1 September 1966. Its population was 550 students and 26 teachers. This has increased to over 1000 students and 71 staff.

The Educational Philosophy of the school is based on that of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Louis whose main apostolate is Education. Our mission statement reflects this:


In 1996 the school was selected to participate in the Private Finance Initiative for a new building.

History Of The School

The Sisters of St Louis, following an appeal from Rev T Cunningham (Parish Priest of St Agnes’ Parish), opened St Genevieve’s High School on 1st September 1966. The Parish already had heavy financial commitments and was unable to bear the financial burden of building the school.

When the school opened the Local Education Authority was County Antrim, but in 1973 the school came under the auspices of the Belfast Education and Library Board.

Having opened with 550 students and 26 teachers, there are now 1000 students in the school and 70 teachers.
In 1996, the school was selected to participate in the Private Finance Initiative for a new building. Following extensive negotiations, a preferred bidder, Belfast Education Services, was identified in May 1999. St Genevieve’s was the first Catholic Maintained school provided with new premises under a PFI scheme. The staff and pupils moved to the Trench House site in March 2002.


The Congregation derives its educational ideals from its founder, Abbe Bautain, a noted French philosopher and scholar of the nineteenth century. He was a man characterised by deep faith and devotion to the will of God, great love of truth and learning, respect for the freedom of the individual and a deep awareness of the wholeness of the human person.

The Congregation’s approach to Education is therefore broad, idealistic and realistic. It embraces the whole person - concerning itself with all aspects of the person’s development - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and social. Therefore it seeks to develop in its students that self-respect and respect for others which gives a true appreciation of self, safeguards human dignity and leads to a good interpersonal relationships.

St Louis Schools are Christian Communities where all members grow to value their own worth as persons, their loving relationship with God, their links with their families and the interdependence of all people.

Although the trusteeship of the school passed from the St Louis Order to the Diocese of Down and Connor in 1995, St Genevieve’s still embraces the St Louis ideal which seeks to proclaim Catholic values within a caring community. Within the limits of its resources the school seeks:


To help each pupil to develop INTELLECTUALLY, MORALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY by giving her the experience of school as a caring supportive Catholic Community where learning is enjoyable, provision is equitable and within which an appreciation of her cultural heritage is fostered. 


To enable each pupil to develop as fully as possible her abilities, interests and aptitudes by providing for her a curriculum which is broad, balanced, coherent, relevant and differentiated. 


To prepare each pupil for adult responsibilities, to help her appreciate both the challenges of living in a modern pluralist society and her potential contribution to that society by developing enduring interests and skills which include, and extend beyond, the future workplace. 


To encourage each pupil to value the gift of life, to respect the world in which she lives and to foster a sense of personal worth and fulfilment by becoming progressively more responsible for her own personal development.