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English Work

View the stories written by our pupils below:

A Bad Idea by Kathleen Stevenson

A Cave and a Girl by Mia Mac Hugh

A Dream by Leah Gorman

A Ghost Encounter by Shannon McMenamy

A Ghost Encounter by Sophie O'Neill

A Ghost Story by Eve McComb

A Sensational Winter Morning by Shannon McMenamy

Ally Alone by Amy Lee Brennan

An Unexpected Find by Olivia Campbell

An Unexpected Find by Rachel O'Halloran

As I Trudged up the uneven path by Lucy McDonnell

Beach Walk by Sophie O'Reilly

Camping Trip by Shannon Crummey

Candles and Potions by Ciara McConville

Candles and Potions by Sophie O'Reilly

Creaky Cottage by Amy Lee Brennan

Dark Alley by Aoibh O'Neill

Did you see hime too by Olivia Campbell

Disastrous Night by Shannon Rose McCrudden

Don't Go Camping by Shannon Crummey

Drowning by Amy Lee Brennan

Eliza and the Blossom Tree by Diya Das Gupta

Falling Under by Aoibh O'Neill

Famine Figure by Lucy McDonnell

Find Him by Rachel O'Halloran


Forest by Esther Olajide

Frankenstein by Eve McComb

Frankenstein by Leah Gorman

Frankenstein by Lucy McDonnell

Frankenstein Created a Monster by Ciara McConville

Frankenstein by Shannon McMenamy

Frost Hollow Hall by Caitlin Fisher

Frost Hollow Hall by Caoimhe Scannell

Frost Hollow Hall by Lucy McDonnell

Frosted Winter Night by Leah Gorman

Frozen by MiaMacHugh

Frozen Lake by Chloe McCloskey

Ghost by Diya Das Gupta

Ghost Girl by Caitlin Fisher

Ghost Story by Ellie Magill

Glacial by Orla O'Neill

Gone by Olivia Campbell

Haunted Wood by Ciara McConville

Holiday Surprise by Eve McComb

I am a Robot by Diya Das Gupta

I am Frankenstein's Creature By Aoibh O’Neill

I am the child of Frankenstein by Shannon Rose McCrudden

I Have Awoken by Caoimhe Scannell

I have awoken by Eimear Molloy

I Have awoken by Rachel O' Halloran

I wish I had never gone in the first place by Ella Thompson Murray

Icy Nightmare by Shannon Rose McCrudden

If I had known... by Shannon Rose McCrudden

It was as quiet by Esther Olajide

Loss by Rachel O'Halloran

Lost Souls by Shannon McMenamy

Monster Caitlin Fisher

Night Fishing by Caoimhe Scannell

Olivia Campbell I have been frozen for 125 years

Passageways by Teighan McCann

Philippe and the terrible day by Shannon Rose Mccrudden

Robot Teacher by Caitlin Fisher

Romance by Eimear Molloy

Sinking By Kathleen Stevenson

Snowbound by Shannon McMenamy

Some Things are Worth a Second Chance by Aoibh O'Neill

Talent Show by Leah Gorman

TERRIBLE NIGHT by Shannon Rose McCrudden

That Sad Evening by Shannon Crummey

The Abandoned Green House by Teighan McCann

The Abandoned Green House

The Alley by Aoibh O'Neill

The Big House by Sophie O'Reilly

The Big House Staff by Ella Thompson

The boy under the ice by Ellie Magill

The Figure by Lucy McDonnell

The Forbidden House by Caoimhe Scannell

The Fox Cub by Amy Lee Brennan

The Girl and the Horse by Chloe McCloskey

The Long Lost Vampire by Chloe McCloskey

The Magic book by Ellie Magill

The Magic Book by Orla O'Neill

The Magic Diary by Ellie Magill

The Mysterious Bogs by Orla O'Neill

The Pier by Chloe McCloskey


The Twins By Leah Gorman

The Unexplained Beach by Kathleen Stevenson

Vanishing Act by Ella Thompson Murphy

Why me by Diya das Gupta

Wings by Ella Thompson