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Business Studies


The Business Studies and Tourism Department offers a range of subjects to pupils in St. Genevieve’s High School. Although not involved in Key Stage 3 due to the nature of the subjects we offer, our departmental teachers will get the opportunity to teach junior pupils through their teaching commitments in other departments.  All our teachers deliver ICT, Learning for Life & Work and Careers. This allows our pupils to get the chance to know the teachers before choosing Business and/or Tourism related courses in Key Stages 4 & 5.

Key Stage 4


In Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to study GCSE Business Studies, GCSE Business and Communication Systems and GCSE Leisure, Travel & Tourism.

Key Stage 5

In Sixth Form, students can continue their Business Studies education with Advanced Level Business Studies.  We have also added GCE Advanced Level Professional Business Services to the qualifications we offer.  For those who have developed, or would like to develop, an interest in Tourism, we offer the WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Tourism.

Our Aim & Vision

We aim to provide our pupils with an enjoyable learning experience where they get the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and projects which help them to fully grasp the subjects they study within the department.

Our vision is to promote academic excellence, mutual respect and a sense of community within a vibrant, purposeful working department enabling all individuals to develop their talents and enjoy their experience of Business Studies and its related subjects.

Subjects/Courses Delivered

GCSE Business Studies

Yrs 11/12

GCSE Business & Communication Systems

Yrs 11/12

GCSE Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Yrs 11/12

AS/A2 Business Studies

Yrs 13/14

Level 3 Tourism

Yrs 13/14

AS/A2 Professional Business Services

Yrs 13/14



Mr A McAleese (Head of Department)

Mrs C McAnulty

Miss D Boyle

Mrs J Dunn

Mrs C Mullaghan

Mrs S Mackle – Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Mrs M Gormley - Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Teaching Strategies Used

Activboard – Daily classroom learning and teaching.

DVD’s – To support classroom learning and teaching.

Trips/ Visits – Local and national businesses to help pupils complete coursework     research.

Games – Extracurricular activities.  To support classroom learning and teaching.

Internet – Research into business operations, education support sites.

Library – Research and improving literacy/reading skills.

Guest Speakers – From local and national businesses.

Published Resources – To support research activities.

Some of Our Annual Activities


Visits to the Central Library: Our Advanced Level students enjoy valuable visits to the Central Library where they receive talks by the Business librarian and are introduced to the Business and Tourism sections within the library. The visit which takes place in February proves to be very helpful to the students in completing their coursework in their Advanced level courses.

Educational Visits/Trips:  Each year we organise trips that will help the pupils in their understanding of subjects taken within the department.  The location of these trips varies on an annual basis but some of the places visited include:

The Tayto Factory, Marks & Spencer, Belfast International Airport, Titanic Experience, Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, Divis & Black Mountain, Giant’s Causeway and Visitors Centre.

Competitions: Students and classes have also taken part in competitions outside of the school such as the Rensburg Sheppard’s School Share Race and individual competitions such as ‘Junior Dragon’s Den’.

Bank of Ireland: Advanced level Business Studies students work together with local Bank of Ireland representatives in setting up and running the school bank which gives all our pupils the opportunity to save money and learn how to manage their personal finances.

‘Enterprise in Practice’: Our Year 11 pupils enjoy the opportunity each year to set up and run their own business within the school. They have produced a variety of products in recent years and not only do they have great fun in the operation of their business, they have also used this as evidence for their Occupational Studies programme.