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Art & Design

Key Stage 3

At KS3 the Art department offer pupils the opportunity to use and explore with a wide range of materials, media and techniques such as ceramics, print, digital media, graphics, sculpture and fashion design alongside drawing and painting.

Pupils work is celebrated through display both in the classroom and throughout the school. There is a high demand for Art at KS4 and KS5 and this enthusiasm is reflected in the departments exam results.

Key Stage 4

The course offered is accredited by the CCEA GCSE Specification. This specification is made up of two units.


To fulfill the requirements of this qualification, students must complete both Unit 1 and Unit 2. Unit 1 covers the core skills of visual language, media, materials, techniques and new technology.


Students following this course must present a portfolio of work for Unit 1. This portfolio must contain edited work showing the breadth and depth of experience in art and design that they have gained over the two years of the course. The portfolio can contain work displaying a range of experiences, such as textile design, 3D design, critical and contextual studies, photography (SLR and digital) and graphic communication.


There are various disciplines within art, craft and design.


These disciplines can be used to develop a student’s awareness of a variety of traditions, styles and approaches to art, craft and design practices (including 2D and 3D media, processes, skills, techniques and new technologies).

Fine Art

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Mixed media

  • Sculpture

  • Land Art

  • Installation

  • Printmaking

  • Lens-based and/or light-based media

    • (for example film, animation, video and photography)

Graphic Communication

  • Illustration

  • Advertising

  • Packaging Design

  • Design for Print

  • Communication Graphics

  • Computer Graphics

  • Multimedia

  • Web Design

  • Lens-based and/or light-based media

    • (for example film, animation, video and photography)

Textile Design

  • Fashion and Costume

  • Printed and/or

  • Dyed Fabrics and Materials

  • Domestic Textiles

  • Constructed and/or

  • Stitched and/or

  • Embellished Textiles


  • Lens-based and light-based media

  • Including Theme-based photography

  • (portrait, landscape, still-life, reportage)

  • Documentary Photography

  • Photojournalism

  • Narrative Photography

  • Experimental Imagery

  • Photographic Installation

  • New Media Practice

  • Video

  • Television and Film

3D Design

  • Ceramics

  • Sculpture

  • Installation

  • Jewellery

  • Body Adornment

  • Exhibition Design

  • Design for Theatre

  • Television and Film

  • Interior Design

  • Product Design

  • Environmental Art and Design

  • Architectural Design

KS4 Assessment Objective

AO1 - Develop their ideas through sustained and focused investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding.


AO2 - Refine their ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.


AO3 - Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to their intentions in visual and/or other forms.


AO4 - Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.

Unit 1

The Core Potfolio - Controlled Assessment


Candidates should have four terms in which to complete their portfolio. In the portfolio there should be clear evidence that the candidate has carried out a minimum of 45 hours work (including research) under informal supervision. In the four terms available to complete the Core Portfolio, candidates should spend adequate time selecting, editing and presenting their work.


Candidates must submit work for assessment from at least two areas of study/disciplines.


The Core Portfolio provides candidates with an opportunity to demonstrate and communicate artistic interests, visual curiosity, creativity and personal skills in art, craft and design. They choose their own theme/starting point. They select the work that reflects their ability and personal achievement in relation to the assessment objectives for this course. This includes evidence of observations from primary and secondary sources and work that displays a breadth of experience in a range of media.


Candidates are encouraged to use a wide range of media, materials, techniques and new technology and to work in both 2D and 3D. Candidates may work with both traditional and new media or solely with new media, providing that they meet the assessment objectives.


Students should be able to:


  • respond creatively using visual elements in both 2D and 3D, fine art and design through research, investigation, observation and analysis;

  • use relevant media, materials, processes and techniques;

  • show an ability to sustain purposeful and appropriate lines of enquiry;

  • demonstrate the practical skills and experience gained from studying the working practices of artists and/or designers;

  • explore the work of artists and designers from a range of different times and cultures;

  • support their understanding by investigating the work of relevant artists and/or designers;

  • follow one area of enquiry through to a final outcome in either fine art, craft or design in 2D or 3D; and

  • select, edit and present their work for assessment and moderation.

Unit 2

Working to a Stimulus


Learning Outcomes


Candidates should be able to:


  • creatively investigate and develop ideas in response to the stimulus;

  • use a range of media, materials, processes and techniques to develop personal understanding of the most suitable way to develop their ideas successfully in fine art, craft or design in either 2D or 3D;

  • review and modify work to create more ideas;

  • research relevant artists and designers to inform the development of work; and

  • produce an outcome in fine art, craft or design in either 2D or 3D using the most appropriate media, materials, techniques and technology;

  • make relevant comments or explanations to show an understanding of the way work has developed using appropriate technical language;

  • make sure that the development of ideas is focused on the theme;

  • create a balance between the development of work and the time allowed;

  • select and present work for assessment

Key Stage 5

Unit 1


The Core Portfolio (Controlled Assessment/ Classwork)


In the portfolio the pupil has carried out a minimum of 45 hours work (including research) under informal supervision over a period of four terms.


Unit 2


Working to a Stimulus. (Externally Set Assignment)


  • A minimum of 15 hours spent producing preparatory work; and

  • a final outcome that candidates must complete within a set a set period of 10 hours and that they must carry out under controlled test conditions.

Art and Design specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS course as a final qualification or as the first half of the A Level qualification. Students who wish to obtain a full A level qualification must also complete the second half of the course, which is referred to as A2.


The course is comprised of four units: two at AS level and two at A2 level.


These are listed below:


Year 13


  • AS 1: Coursework Portfolio

  • AS 2: Externally Set Assignment

Year 14


  • A2 1: Personal Investigation. Students must also produce a written statement (with a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2000 words) that shows evidence of theoretical research and understanding.

  • A2 2: Externally Set Assignment.